Preparing the young for 21st Century

Aiming to contribute to raising imaginative, self-believing and self-confident generations, Mehmet Zorlu Foundation (MZV) provides professional development support  to the scholarship students in addition to the scholarship they receive and it has also started to hold training sessions that will equip them with 21st century competencies at the start of their careers. 

The training program which was started in 2016 with the theme of the “Competences of the 21st Century” is targeting to facilitate for the young to start their careers. The Program has been designed to equip the young not only with the academic, technical and professional knowledge but also with the required skills and competencies of the 21st Century.

In this training, the young are prepared according to the fact that the content-based university system will not be sufficient for a successful career in a world where the change and development has reached almost the speed of light while they are also given the chance of developing their living skills and adaptation competences.

MZV scholarship students at the second, third and fourth grades of the universities in Istanbul are allowed to attend the training program instructed by MEF University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan Erkut.  The “Competences of the 21st Century Training Program” which is the first training program in Turkey with its scope and content, can reach a great number of students thanks to the online content it offers alongside its conventional training program.

The program is consisted of stages such as classroom training, online support, dissertation, summer internship, sharing of experiences after the internship. The Program topics are: “Career Planning”, “Competencies”, “Modelling with Excel” and “Entrepreneurship”. The training also includes many applications such as individual projects and group projects aimed at developing the competencies in particular.

The students are required to watch a video and read an article before the course to ensure that the course is productive. And after the courses, aside from sharing a digital document related with the subjects, the students are also offered a digital learning medium where the subject learned are discussed, one-hour long live  video broadcast of the instructor between two lessons, and also a medium where the students can work on individual and group projects between two lessons  . The students can study the online parts of the instruction and share their assignments via the scholarship student entry on the MZV website.

The program provides that the most successful students as will be elected based on the assessments following the dissertation will be given internship opportunity throughout the summers. Also, a summit will be organized at the end of the training program which will be open to all MZV scholarship students across Turkey. This summit where special guests will be addressing can also be attended by students other than the MZV scholarship students.