Zorlu Energy becomes the first company to have obtained ‘Gold Standard’ certificate

Zorlu Energy Becomes the First Company to Have Obtained ‘Gold Standard’ Certificate in Pakistan 

Following its wind power plant projects in Turkey, Zorlu Energy received the “Gold Standard” certificate, a document rating prestigious renewable energy projects, in Pakistan. Therefore, Zorlu Energy became Pakistan’s first company to have obtained the “Gold Standard” while its project was confirmed to have contributed to sustainability in environmental and social dimensions by averting annual carbon emissions of approximately 100,000 tons. 

Implementing exemplary projects in renewable energy, Zorlu Energy received the “Gold Standard”, the most prestigious standard among those rating energy projects in the carbon market, with its wind energy power plant in Pakistan thanks to its contributions to social and environmental sustainability. The confirmation for the project’s contribution to environmental and social sustainability with approximately 100,000 tons of annually avoided CO₂ emissions made Zorlu Energy Pakistan’s first company to receive the “Gold Standard” certificate. The power plant started electricity production in 2009 and has a 56.4-MW installed capacity boasting as Pakistan’s first wind energy project.

All Wind Power Plants are Gold Standard Certified

Previously obtained by Zorlu for its Gökçedağ, Sarıtepe, and Demirciler wind energy power plants, the Gold Standard certificate evaluates renewable energy projects according to different criteria such as their mitigation of carbon emissions, respect for nature, contribution to social development and other criteria. The certificate is also considered the most prestigious program on a global scale. Supported by over 80 non-governmental organizations globally to help the development of over 1100 projects, the program is carried out by the Gold Standard Foundation. Guaranteeing credibility and transparency in the voluntary market, the certificate ensures a quality assurance deposit in creating high-quality carbon credits makes a quality assurance fee. This certificate approved the project’s contribution to sustainable development as it meets risk control, stakeholder introduction, reputation increase and market visibility criteria.

Sinan Ak, Zorlu Energy’s General Manager, pointed to the fact that the Gold Standard certificate offers an important guarantee in creating high-quality carbon credits for the renewable energy projects in the creation of high-quality carbon credits. Mr. Ak added: “Our Group operates with a vision to support social, environmental and economic development in all its investments and we pride ourselves on obtaining Gold Standard certificate for all our wind energy projects as a document that represents a significant threshold in renewable and clean energy projects.”
 The project we implemented in Pakistan’s Jhimpir region, in 2009, created substantial value for social development in Pakistan as well as averting approximately 100 thousand tons of emissions annually.
 We will continue to implement such projects if we consider them to be inspiring for our industry.”