We manage our Human Resources (HR) operations knowing that qualified and satisfied employees make our goals attainable. We draw our human resources on an equal opportunity basis from among the applicants who are open to development and who demonstrate a capacity to adopt and perpetuate our values while meetingthe requirements of our group companies. Transparency in performance management, career planning, on-the-job training, and equal pay for equal work define our approach to HR. 

Our outlook on human resources management may be outlined as follows:

  • Our human resources are the primary factor underlying our competitive edge.
  • We expect every staff member to possess our common values.
  • We aim to make our group an organization of choice to work for.
  • We ensure fairness and equal opportunity among our employees.
  • We evaluate and encourage success and outstanding performance.
  • We do not overlook the differences between the companies in our group and the sectors they operate in.
  • We watch the developments in HR management and implement those we evaluate as being suitable to our requirements.
  • We watch the developments in HR management and implement those we evaluate as being suitable to our requirements.



In our HR operations, we manage the processes of recruitment and assignment with the objective of placing the right candidates in the right positions in view of the goals and tenets of the Zorlu Group. Chief among the criteria we deem crucial in our recruitments is “proficiency.” 

Our approach to proficiency consists of Results Orientedness, Gathering Information, Self-confidence, Taking the Initiative, Analytical Thinking, Customer Centricity, Teamwork and Cooperation, Team Leadership, Flexibility and Change Management, and Networking.

Job announcements to reach potential candidates possessing the appropriate proficiencies are published on,, and as well as the Zorlu Career Portal. We identify the applicants that satisfy our criteria and invite them for an interview during which we do a personality assessment inventory and administer foreign language and general aptitude tests to assess the candidates’ proficiencies. The candidates that prove successful in all of these stages receive a job offer from our Human Resources Department. 

Job announcements from the Zorlu Group of Companies and detailed information for application are available at, and


The Zorlu Group Salary Management System is shaped and updated according to the parameters of job levels, market-wide salary scales, in-house salary policies and performance – after the principle of equal pay for equal work and in view of market conditions and in-house balance. Our salary policy may vary depending on the current salary structures of our companies, their positions on the market, their competitive power, and their ability to pay. We also offer our employees a number of fringe benefits as per their job titles as a component of our salary policy.


We implement performance management with a transparent approach in all of our companies in order to provide greater motivation to our staff and reward achievement. While differences may be found between companies depending on their particular strategies, our evaluation system comprises the processes of goal setting progress monitoring, intermediate and end-of-year evaluations, action and feedback.

Evaluation and feedback discussions are held with supervisors and other staff in our online performance evaluation system on the HR portal. These discussions help identify what needs to be done to improve the staff members’ performance and plan their development and career. We regard the performance evaluation results as key criteriain deciding salary increases and measuring the progress of our employees.


​​​​Training and development tutorials are given in all of our companies for the purpose of building up the proficiencies of our staff and allowing them to keep track more closely of the developments in their profession and sector. We plan staff members’ training as dictated by the development requirements identified in the course of the performance evaluation process.

Our annual training program comprises numerous headings such as Personal Development, Technical Knowledge and Skills, Developing Management Skills, Finance, Law, and Sales/Marketing depending on the particular line of business of the company. In addition, we stage company-specific skill-building trainings. 

We strengthen the technical infrastructure of our engineering and administrative staffs through the Management Trainee and Vestel Technology and Business Academy. We sign our name under a great many technologies and innovations by means of these trainings featuring professionals who are authorities in their fields as well as academic and scientific lecturers. 


We implement career planning for all our staff as part of our modern HR management. We employ promotion and horizontal advancement systems geared to the needs of our companies and the career development of our staff members. These systems ensure compatibility between the future goals of our companies and the individual goals of our employees. They are intended to further develop our employees’ existing proficiencies and help them acquire new ones for possible positions they may fill in the future. The career planning system affords horizontal and vertical career development and advancement opportunities for our staff.