Meta Nikel Kobalt Mining Industry and Trade PLC

Named Meta Mining when it was founded by a group of engineers in 2000, the company has been doing business under the title of Meta Nikel Kobalt Mining Industry and Trade PLC since joining the Zorlu Group in 2007. Investing in nickel-cobalt mining, the company operates a couple of nickel mines in Gördes, Manisa and Yunusemre, Eskisehir.

Turkey’s first nickel-cobalt plant

Focusing on the production of nickel which is a key input in the world’s stainless steel, chemicals, automotive, shipbuilding, and aircraft construction industries, the company is bringing Turkey’s first nickel-cobalt plant to life in the Gördes county of Manisa at a $360-million investment. The total investment in the project will amount to $700 million with additional construction work to be started in 2015.

Attracting attention for its social responsibility work in areas of operation, Meta Nikel Kobalt Mining Industry and Trade PLC continues doing exploration in its licensed fields. The company conducts mining operations to world standards with its well-qualified staff and aims to become the largest nickel-cobalt producer east of Europe within a few years.