Zorlu Energy Group strengthens its position in the energy industry, protecting the environment and assuring a better world for future generations. We consider sustainable energy a key element of sustainable development in view of the indispensability of environmental factors in production and consumption.

The decisions to be made today on the sources to be tapped in order to meet the steadily rising demand for energy and electricity in Turkey, one of the most dynamic energy markets in the world, will shape our future by their economic, environmental, and social ramifications. Zorlu Energy Group implements its investment decisions in harmony with the fundamental objectives of Turkey’s energy policies, allowing energy to be used locally, sufficiently, sustainably, with good quality,and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Having set for itself the principle of protecting and promoting the economic, environmental, and social values in every geography it operates in, Zorlu Energy Group seizes the opportunities in the field of energy in the local and international arenas and conducts comprehensive projects as a powerful actor in the industry.

Operating as part of Zorlu Holding, Zorlu Energy Group is one of the leading companies in Turkey and a rising star in the Middle East and Asia, a region shared by Turkey.

Diversity in sources and services​ 

Zorlu Energy Group currently comprises companies engaged in the following activities in Turkey and abroad:

  • Production and sale of electricity;
  • Trade and distribution of natural gas;
  • Turnkey delivery of power plants to include project design;
  • Long-term operation/maintenance services for power plants.

Boasting a total of 956 megawatts of installed power in Turkey and Pakistan and Israel, which breaks down to 5 natural gas power plants totaling 616 megawatts, 7 hydroelectric power plants totaling 113 megawatts, 3 geothermal power plants totaling 129 megawatts, and 2 wind farms totaling 191 megawatts in Turkey. Zorlu Energy Group manages first wind farm of Pakistan with 56,4 MW, and three investments in Israel, 25% share of 840 MW capacity Dorad Natural Gas Combined Plant, %42 share of 55 MW Ashdod and 120 MW capacity Ramat Negev Natural Gas Cogeneration Plant.

Holding two separate licenses in natural gas, one for distribution and the other for trade, the group distributes natural gas in more than 20 counties in Gaziantep and Trakya. 

The first company in the industry to be offered to the public

20% of the stock of the group company Zorlu Energy Electricity Production PLC was offered to the public in 2000, the first such offering in the industry. 32% of the company’s shares are publicly traded at present. 

Turkey’s biggest investor in geothermal energy

The company has reached a total installed power of 95MW when the 15MW Kızıldere Geothermal Power Plant was joined by the 80MW Kızıldere II, Turkey’s largest geothermal power plant that went into operation in 2013 at a $250-million investment. Renewable energies account for a major portion of the production portfolio.

The capacity reached in the geothermal fields in Denizli and Manisa makes Zorlu Energy Group the greatest geothermal investor in Turkey. The group is also one of the staunchest supporters of Turkey’s goal of raising the share of renewable energy sources in Turkey’s electricity production to more than 30 percent by 2023. 

Pakistan’s first investment in wind power: Zorlu Energy Pakistan 

Zorlu Energy Pakistan was established in 2006 under an agreement signed with the Pakistan Alternative Energy Development Board to build a wind farm in Pakistan. The company is licensed to produce electricity for 20 years in the 56.4-megawatt wind farm built in the wind energy development zone in Jamphir, Hyderabad.  

Largest private investment in Israel

Zorlu Energy took a 25-percent share in Dorad in 2003 to undertake investment, contracting, operation, and maintenance services for the 840MW combined cycle natural gas power plant project in Ashkelon, Israel. This power plant is the largest ever built by a private investor in Israel. Other investments were commissioned in Israel, namely the 55-megawatt Ashdod and the 120-megawatt Ramat Negev natural gas power plants, with 42% share of Zorlu Enegry. Therefore the Group will be supplying 7 percent of Israel’s energy for 25 years. 

A pioneer in sustainability

Aware of its responsibility toward not only Turkey but the whole world, Zorlu Energy Group stands out as the first Turkish company in the energy industry to publish a sustainability report at the GRI A level. It is also the first energy company to calculate and publish its carbon footprint in Turkey since 2009.

Zorlu Energy became the first company in the energy industry to be awarded “Turkey’s Carbon Transparency Leader” by getting the highest score among the four energy companies on the Istanbul Stock Exchange 100 list which carried out reporting procedures in 2011 and 2012. Zorlu Natural, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zorlu Energy, won “Turkey’s Climate Performance Leaders” award in group B, the second highest group in the performance rating of the companies which announced their climate change strategies by using the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) platform in 2013. Zorlu Energy Electricity Production PLC, another group company which was the first energy company to offer its shares to the public in Turkey, won the “CDP 2014 Turkey Climate Disclosure Leadership” award for its transparent policies in managing greenhouse gas emissions which are a natural outcome of its production processes.