A world giant in electronics: VESTEL 

One of the largest technology companies not only in Turkey but also in the world, Vestel kicked off operations in 1984 and has been part of Zorlu Holding since 1994. 

With a total of 23 organic companies of which 16 are outside Turkey, Vestel offers the whole world a wide range of wares in consumer electronics, white goods, digital products, information technologies, LED lighting, and defense.

Boasting a yearly production capacity of 30 million devices at Vestel City, Vestel has two companies in the list of Turkey’s 500 largest industrial organizations in 2014: Vestel Electronics which ranks 14th and Vestel White Goods which ranks 30th. Epitomizing Turkey’s strength in exporting technology to the world by virtue of its R&D capabilities and the importance it attaches to innovation, Vestel draws the profile of a powerful player that sets the course of the market not only in Turkey but also in the global arena with its world class production, its innovative and high-quality products, and its vision.

The export champion in the electronics industry for 17 years

Vestel generates income for nearly 30,000 people with 16,000 employees, 1,250 outlets, and 350 central service shops across Turkey.

Vestel has been holding the title of the biggest exporter in the industry for 17 years. Vestel products are used by millions of people in 152 countries.

One out of every five televisions in Europe is manufactured at Vestel City

With approximately 20-percent market share, Vestel is one of the top three players in the LCD TV market in Europe. Vestel alone accounts for approximately 88% of Turkey’s TV exports and approximately 30% of its white goods exports. Vestel manufactures more than 4,000 television models for more than 500 brands all over the world.

The place where dreams come to life: Vestel City

With the capacity to manufacture 76,000 products per day, Vestel City is one of Europe’s largest collocated manufacturing facilities. The two refrigerator companies in Vestel City occupy enough floor space to take up 19 Titanic-size ships while the washing machine and dishwasher factories mass produce enough units to link Istanbul to Brussels when lined up.

By its size and production capacity, Vestel City became the first and only Turkish brand to be featured on National Geographic’s documentary TV series Megafactories along with international brands such as Ferrari, Jack Daniel’s, and Coca-Cola.

Vestel wins an award every four days in average

Vestel won 65 design awards at international competitions in 2013. Eager for more in 2014, it received 10 awards for its smart phone design alone.

Regional and global brands

Acquiring brands with high recognition in different geographies, Vestel first bought over in 2006 the Finlux and Luxor brands which are popular in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Vestfrost, one of the most prestigious white goods brands in Europe and Russia, and Graetz, a well-known brand in the market dominated by German style, became part of Vestel in 2008. 

Other newcomers to the Vestel family were Telefunken and, in addition to the Hitachi license in selected countries, four big European brands, namely Elektra, Servis, New Pol, and Atlantic. In 2014, Vestel acquired the rights of development, manufacture, sale, and marketing of white goods under the Sharp brand in Europe for 5 years. 

Expansive R&D Team

With 8 R&D centers in different countries, Vestel employs a 1,200-strong engineer staff producing the greatest number of brands/patents of all companies in Turkey. Vestel is also one of the three Turkish companies on the list of world’s top 1,000 R&D spenders. 2 percent of Vestel’s turnover is allocated to research and development.

Turkey’s first locally-manufactured smart phone: Venus

Vestel brings world-class mobile technology to Turkish consumers at affordable prices with Venus. This smart phone is poised to become one of the export staples of Vestel in the years to come.