Our basic tenet at Zorlu Holding is to fulfill our obligations toward the world, our country, our business partners, our customers, and our employees in accordance with universal principles. In light of this vision;

We are innovative, entrepreneurial and pioneering

We value entrepreneurship, dynamism, innovation and creativity in all of our business processes. We invest in research and development, we continue to be the pioneer of change and the address of the firsts in our country.

Aware of the importance of learning lessons from the past along the road to the future, we take stock in upholding national values and possessing familial and moral values; however, we are against bigotry and narrow-mindedness.

We are convinced that the key to success is productive, disciplined, and planned work. 

Human resources are our most valuable asset

We realize that the key factor in reaching our goals and the most solid guarantee of the quality of our products and services are our employees. Therefore, our primary goal is to employ the human resources that has the highest competencies and has made innovation a lifestyle.

We believe in the power of creating a peaceful working environment, team spirit, synergy, and communication. To add value to our employees, we offer possibilities for professional training and development, and we reward accomplishment.

We boast a participative, fair, accountable and responsible management; and an organization that realizes the necessity of institutionalization, learns, and is open to criticism.  

We work to make each day of our customers better than the last​ 

Our customers stand at the very center of our areas of operation. We shape all of our products and services around the idea of making life easier for our customers and building a long-term relationship with them.

We construct our relationships on foundations of reliability and solution partnership as we create value for our customers by means of our quality products and services. We predict changing requirements and strive to create solutions rapidly by taking a proactive approach. 

We dream for the society and work to make dreams come true 

Adding value to our country’s economy is one of our priorities. We dream for the society and we realize these dreams. We feel responsible towards the society and we work to add material and moral value to all of our social stakeholders. 

We care for people, believe in the power of a human-centered approach and teamwork, and think that our work and every project we are in should create shared value for society.

We give priority to and support the efforts to raise educational and cultural levels of society with the purpose of contributing to the need for a well-educated young generation.

Our approach to environmental protection bears priority in all echelons of Zorlu Holding. Not only do we contribute on a corporate scale but we also encourage our employees to participate in activities of social responsibility.